Job Openings at a Major Steel Manufacturing Plant

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Mathew International, with over 50 years of global manpower recruitment expertise, is currently recruiting for one of the largest steel manufacturing plants. The final client interview will be held in June 2024, and the shortlisting process is already in progress. Interested candidates should apply immediately.

Job Positions and Salaries:

Production and Melt Shop Division:

  • Lead Operators, Caster Lead Operators, Casting Lead Operators, Melting Lead Operators, Slab Yard Lead Technicians, Electrical Lead Technicians, Ladle Lead Technicians, Shift Refractory Lead Technicians, Mould Lead Operators, Melting Lead Operators, Caster Sr. Technicians, Electrical Sr. Operators, Caster Discharge Sr. Technicians, Ladle Specialist Planners, Slab Yard Supervisors (Scarfing Plant & S/Y)
    • Salary: SAR 4500 – 6250
  • Operators, Slab Handling Operators I, Strand Operators, Caster Discharge Technicians, Shift Refractory Technicians, Ladle
    • Salary: SAR 2500 – 3500

RM FP CMC Maintenance Division:

  • Sr. Engineers, Mechanical Maintenance
    • Salary: SAR 11000 – 13500
  • Lead Technicians, Shift Mechanical Lead Technicians, Electrical Lead Technicians, Workshop Maintenance Sr. Analysts, Electrical Sr. Analysts, Hydraulic Sr. Analysts, Mechanical Sr. Analysts, Mechanical Maintenance Sr. Analysts, Instrument Sr. Technicians, Mechanical Sr. Technicians, Hydraulic Maintenance Sr. Technicians, Instrument Maintenance Sr. Technicians, Electrical Sr. Technicians, Electrical Maintenance Technicians, Mechanical
    • Salary: SAR 4500 – 5000
  • Technicians, Mechanical
    • Salary: SAR 2500 – 3500

LP Rolls Shop Division:

  • Sr. Technicians, Roll Turn, Roll Assembly Fitter, Stand Fitter, Ring Grinding, Guide Fitter, Block Fitter, Notch Mill
    • Salary: SAR 4500 – 5000

R&B/Mills Division:

  • Sr. Technicians, Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical Maintenance (LP II), Hydraulic, Electrical Maintenance
    • Salary: SAR 4500 – 5000

Cold & Hot Strip Mills Division:

  • Lead Operators, Shift Slab Yard, Shift Downcoiler, Roll Shop Sr. Operators, CGL Sr. Operators, Cold Rolling Sr. Operators, Temper Mill Sr. Operators, BAF Sr. Operators, Entry HSL Sr. Technicians, Fitter Sr. Analysts, Oper/Maint Coordination, Sr. Operators, Main Pulpit HSL, Mill, Exit HSPM, Reheat Furnace, Grinder R/S. Operators, CGL
    • Salary: SAR 4500 – 5000
  • Operators, CGL
    • Salary: SAR 2500 – 3500

Rod Mill I and BM III Division:

  • Lead Operators, Finishing Area, Mill Operation, Shift Finishing Area, Shift Operation Sr. Operators, Compactor Pulpit, Intermediate Roller, Roughing Roller, Furnace Discharge, Main Pulpit, Finishing Roller, Bundling Pulpit, Bar Mill, Finishing Roller, C/Shear Pulpit, Reheat Furnace
    • Salary: SAR 4500 – 5000
  • Operators, Pre-Finishing Roller, Finishing Roller, Downcoiler, Bundling Pulpit, Reheat Furnace
    • Salary: SAR 2500 – 3500


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the steel manufacturing industry.


  • Good salaries
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Medical
  • Transport

Duty: 8 hours per day with overtime available. Visa ready. Spot offer letter.

Contact Information:

Office Address:

  • Machinery House, 2nd Floor, 11B Bharucha Road, Kala Ghoda Fort, (Opp. Mumbai High Court), Mumbai 400 001

Apply immediately to be considered for these exciting opportunities in the steel manufacturing industry.


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