Al Arab Arafa Overseas Manpower Consultancy: Opportunities in Oman’s Oil & Gas Sector

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In today’s competitive job market, finding the right opportunity can be challenging. However, with Al Arab Arafa Overseas Manpower Consultancy, your journey to a fulfilling career in Oman’s thriving oil and gas industry begins here. Specializing in recruitment for shutdown projects, they offer a range of positions catering to diverse skill sets.

Are you an experienced professional seeking new challenges? Al Arab Arafa Overseas Manpower Consultancy presents direct client interviews on 04.04.2024 in Trichy for various roles essential to Oman’s shutdown project. Here’s your chance to explore lucrative positions:

  1. Instrument Supervisor – Maintenance
  2. Mechanical Supervisor – Maintenance
  3. Mechanical Supervisor – Construction
  4. Pneumatic Cold Cutting Technician
  5. Hydraulic Torqueing Technician
  6. Painter

Attractive salaries ranging from 130 OMR to 450 OMR are offered, reflecting the value placed on skill and experience. Candidates with oil and gas maintenance experience are preferred, ensuring a seamless integration into the demanding yet rewarding environment of the industry.

To seize this opportunity, candidates must ensure they possess a full set of documents, including an updated CV, educational certificates, experience certificates, and a copy of their passport, compiled into a single PDF format. Attention to detail is crucial, as thorough documentation facilitates the recruitment process.

For further inquiries and to streamline your application process, reach out to Ms. Jenifer at 75300 58036. Alternatively, contact the consultancy at 7530058036 or 6380587020, or email your comprehensive application to

Join Al Arab Arafa Overseas Manpower Consultancy and embark on a journey where your skills are valued, your potential is realized, and your future shines bright in Oman’s dynamic oil and gas sector. Your career awaits – seize the opportunity today!


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